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design in Italy

Flussirari Italia Illuminazione borns from the inspiration of over 20 years of experience of lighting fixture engineering operating from the heart of Italy with a facility of over 4500 mq manufacture space and quality control test laboratory.
Products are crafted design carefully from qualified designers team with the long and sophisticated production procedures taking over thirty six month to produce and launch a single design product.
R&D and Service after sales are the main aim of all company’s organization and department.


Research and development

From sketch to final product: a journey through technolgy and emotions

Flussirari offering innovative lighting solutions, and mastering the art of blending function and advanced technology with visual appeal and emotions. Our product range including indoor, outdoor, decorative and custom lighting make us to satisfy any project request around the world.



At every launch of production some pieces are randomly inspected by our Laboratories. More specifically, every inspection includes:

• Heat and mechanical resistance test
• Electromagnetic compatibility test on glow wire
• Chemicals tests on paint quality
• Physical resistance test (IP)
• RoHS conformity


Safety and packaging

In our packaging dedicated area, we are taking especially care about safety and efficiency, safety for our people and our work, efficiency about timing and resistance.

Lighting design world

We creatively use LED technology to produce dynamic effects with an emotional impact, making spaces more comfortable and convenient for their occupants. LED illumination is also ideal for accent and task lighting applications, making products on display more visible and prominent.

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Rubric resilient corporate responsibility peaceful social fairness.
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Rubric resilient corporate responsibility peaceful social fairness.
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Rubric resilient corporate responsibility peaceful social fairness.

Service after sales

Flussirari team responds any lighting project request at any level, private or public. Operates from Novi Ligure (Piemonte) with a stablishment of 4500 m2 drived by a professional consultant team, designer, R&D, to deliver the highest customer service and production. Flussirari operates nationally and internationally with experienced export department covering all the world request.


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